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QuantumRisk is developing a community of Referral Partners. The objective is to mutually benefit the lead generators – the Referral Partners, and the Consultants working for QuantumRisk.

If you would like to participate please sign up here.

Initail Guidelines:

1. Commission for successful client engagement of up to 10% depending on their involvement, as follows:

a. Lead generation & referral only: 2%          (cum 2%)
       Note: Cold calls not accepted.

b. Supporting role in closing the deal: 5%    (cum 7%)

c. Instrumental in closing the deal: 3%         (cum 10%)

2. Commission payments are paid over the life of the engagement on a pro rata basis from payments received.

3. At some point in the future QuantumRisk will require that Referral Partners generate $x,000,000 per annum to remain a Referral Partner. The specifics are still being worked out.


If you have any questions or would like to provide inputs/advice please do contact me at benjamin . t . solomon at QuantumRisk . com.

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