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Daily Archives: November 6th, 2006

Welcome to QuantumRisk LLC, a boutique management consulting firm specializing in strategy and business reengineering.

Ben Solomon, the Managing Principal and founder of the firm, pioneered and tested the Holistic Business Model for strategy evaluation and determination, in manufacturing companies; and many other tools for business reengineering. 

If you have any questions, about strategy or business reengineering, do please ask. The more involved answers will require paid consulting services, simpler answers can be provided on this blog.

Ben Solomon

Disclosure: I’m a capitalist too, and my musings & opinions on this blog are for informational/educational purposes and part of my efforts to learn from the mistakes of other people. Hope you do, too. These musings are not to be taken as financial advise, and are based on data that is assumed to be correct. Therefore, my opinions are subject to change without notice. This blog is not intended to either negate or advocate any persons, entity, product, services or political position.